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In Codroids, you take on the role of a factory manager with a simple job: guiding brightly colored worker-droids to matching spots on the factory floor. A straightforward task, until some bad wiring connected the movement controls of the droids and made them move as one! Pressing "left" in Codroids makes every droid attempt to move left.

To successfully get a droid where you want it, you must make clever use of the factory walls and of other droids. Just beware that in doing so, you will almost certainly mess up everything else.

The game mechanics of Codroids are simple and intuitive, and the puzzles remain small and lucid throughout the game. On average, the levels can be solved in less than 12 moves.

Codroids is, however, very challenging. It just achieves this without presenting increasingly large and intricate levels, or by constantly throwing new game mechanics at you. The solutions are not complex, just easily overlooked.


72 handcrafted levels
Nothing is randomly generated. The puzzles are purposefully designed to explore different ideas and techniques.
A bare minimum of complexity
Codroids is designed with the conviction that difficult does not mean complex. The game mechanics, the level design, the solutions - they are all kept as simple as possible, from beginning to end.
Perfect for the perfectionist
Codroids always encourages you to use as few moves as possible. No self-respecting droid operator is satisfied with anything less than an optimal solution.
Easy to learn.
Learning how the game works takes almost no time. Codroids is certainly challenging, but it's not complicated.



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The idea for Codroids was born in 2013 among some students at Uppsala University. We quickly prototyped it with just a handful of levels, and showed it to some friends at the mathematical student society Moebius. It became an immediate success, and we started working on designing more levels, trying to outwit our fellow puzzle-loving mathematicians.

As the alpha testers grew increasingly skilled, the puzzles followed suit and became ever more difficult. Because we were completely determined to keep the levels as small and simple as possible, this became as much a challenge for us as for the players. We started asking ourselves just how hard we could make these puzzles without resorting to making them any larger or more complex.

Naturally, we kept plenty of the easier levels as well, to make Codroids accessible to a broader audience. But the hardest ones are still in there, marked as Demonic and placed at the very end of the game, just for those hardcore puzzle gamers who come looking for a true challenge.

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About the puzzle design in Codroids:
Proving that Difficult does not mean Complex
Release date:
March 27th 2017


Bearded Whale
Uppsala, Sweden

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

- Desktop: Pay-what-you-want (USD $1 minimum)
- Android: USD $2.5

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+46 (0)700630256


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