To the left here is probably the most challening puzzle in the entire game, but it looks almost solved from the start.

I want the solution to always feel within reach, to the point that the game almost seems to be mocking you!
How Codroids works:

You play as a droid operator trying to guide brightly colored
droids to their matching targets. However, instead of controlling
each droid individually, you control them all at once!

For example, if you press LEFT, every droid moves to the LEFT,
unless blocked by a wall or another droid.
Proving that Difficult
does not mean Complex!
Size really doesn't matter!

This level is tiny and so crowded you can hardly move. And hey, the droids are virtually on target already! So it must be quite easy, don't you think?

I'm afraid it's not.
That's it! Codroids is all about exploring the consequences of its core mechanics, and really pushing them to their limit.
Far too many puzzle games seem to confuse difficulty for complexity. I have played countless games that grow difficult just by constantly introducing new complex game mechanics, and involving more and more entities in each puzzle, until they are not so much challenging as incalculable.

Because this trend bothers me so much, I designed Codroids to be the polar opposite of such a game:

Actually, one of them is a rather early level, while the other is one of the toughest in the game. It is not more complex though, just a lot harder to solve!
Therefore, many of the puzzles start off this way, seemingly just a few steps away from being solved already.
The solutions in Codroids aren't complex either. On average, a level requires less than 12 moves to solve, which is really not much considering you have only 4 (or less) options for each move.
So you think Codroids cannot possibly be as difficult as I claim, just because it refrains from growing in complexity? Well, all I can say is that you should give it a try. I am quite confident you'll be surprised.
These two levels look quite similar, don't they?
Just a few steps away... right?
The solutions are simple too!
Never feel overwhelmed!

Throughout the game, no level involves more than four droids, and you will rarely see the grid growing larger than 4 × 4.

I want you to never feel overwhelmed by a huge world of possible move combinations. Instead, you should feel that there is almost nothing you can do, and that you have tried everything 100 times! That is, until you discover the solution, that has been hidden there in plain sight all along.
The puzzles don't get more complex, just harder!
- A simple puzzle game about synchronized movement -